Saturday, November 29, 2014

20's is not easy weyh

"Assalamualaikum...So how are you doing girl?"

Doktor itu menyapa sambil tersenyum cantik walau sudah dimamah usia.

"Wasalam alayk...Alhamdulillah...Im fine, having semester break right now."

"Ooo, so going for holiday thats why you want to have this injection?"

"Haha, not just a holiday having some works to be done there."

"MasyaAllah good ea, holiday but still work for something?"

"InsyaAllah, haha."

*knock !knock !*

"Haa, open the door Syiffa that is your mom knock..."

Yup. Memang pun ibu. Doktor boleh cam ketukan ibu. =_="

"Ok. Girl, how many years more?"

Ok aku syak maksud dia tahun nak habis belajar.
"InshaAllah 1 year to go Doc."

"Then what is you plan? Married?" Doktor yang cantik berhijab itu bertanya lancar sambil tanganya ligat menulis di kad rawatan.

"Erk." Ok aku diam lama. Ibu gelak. =_="""

"Ermm, No la doctor.Further study inhaAllah and some other things."

"Hey. Dont say No. You must think of it. You should get married. 20 already girl...Haha"

Serius doktor menuturkan katanya tapi diakhiri dengan gelak. Cuba untuk mengusir riak gelabah di muka aku mungkin. Sereyes. Gelabah.

And the conversation continue with Marina Mahathir, Sisters In Islam etc...etc...

Dr. Gulerana really have a vast idea of starting and continue coversation. I like. ;)

~Coversation with Dr. Gulerana, our family doctor this morning. Dr. Gulerana is a muslim doctor, very firm upon this deen also very inspiring and "gila-gila" with her patients~
"Ibu asal semua orang kecoh about kahwin?"

"Eeh, mestilaaa umur tu dah patut fikir dah"

20's is not easy weyh, many things to think of and to be done for this ummah and one self.
You are young lady but years coming up and young will be no more there except your spirit and courage that will remain young if you keep working like a young people.

Ummah need us.

Be Legendary Solehah

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